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           Jiafeng Chem is founded in 2003, which is always specialized in research and development of cyanamid products.
      There are three struggle processes in Jiafeng’s development: In the early days, the company’s main task is to construct necessary production capacity and scale; perfect management organization;establish evaluation management system and adopt ISO9001. The second stage :In order to meet the demand of the market, the company gradually expand the production capacity; establish technical R&D team; improve production technology; largely organize the design and test of the implementation of new technology and new process; develop new products; carry out ISO9001and introduce ISO14001. The third stage: Implement new process; build new DCS operated calcium cyanamide and Dicyandimide production lines; strengthen and implement ISO9001 and ISO14001 .
      Given the current Industrial development trend, Jiafeng seize the mainstream of product quality, energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence; achieve advanced production technology, and first used liquid CO2 in cyanamide industry and this help reduce consume of tons of mineral and coal resources and tens of millions of cubic meters of CO2 emissions were reused to make a contribution to the reduction of GHG emissions.
      Jiafeng commitments to “Pragmatism, Standard, Development, and Innovation” operation philosophy, we will seek and place a key position in the vast wave of industrial area.

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