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      Granule Lime Nitrogen (Granule Calcium Cyanamide )

      Granule slow-release nitrogen fertilizer

      Molecular Formula:CaCN2

      Appearance:Black Grey Granule

      Packaging: Net 10kg and 20kg plastic woven bags.

      Property and Application:

      1. Increasing production of crops as a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.

      2. Effective to kill harmful germs and insects.

      3. Optimizing soil texture, alleviating soil acidification and replenishing calcium and nitrogen of the soil.

      Storage and Transportation:

      1. This product is easily hygroscopic so it’s better to be stored in a ventilating and dry warehouse and do not put together with the food and fodder.

      2. Waterproof measures should be taken when it is transported and keep the packaging well protected.


      1. This product is only used as base fertilizer and cannot be used directly as seed fertilizer or topdressing.

      2. No drinking alcohol or alcoholic drinks before and after the 24-hour during using this product.

      3. Wear long dress and trousers, shoes, gloves and masks when using this product and in case touch directly rinse with water immediately and if in serious cases please seek medical advice urgently.

      4. In case a fire occurs in a storage warehouse, do not fight fire by using water and please use dry fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher, dry sand or nitrogen to fight the fire.



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